Lil Peeps (Eurasian Tree Sparrow)

Read Lil Peeps' amazing rescue story below with photos ~ watch his miraculous growth from his hatch day in 2011 to adulthood! ❤

On June 9, 2011 at 3:50 pm, we found a totally helpless, just-hatched baby bird, struggling on hot cement near busy traffic. We had no idea how he got there because there were no trees anywhere close to where we found this poor little baby.

We named this sweet baby bird Lil Peeps because of the tiny peeping sounds he continuously made in the car on the way home and,then, many times daily when he was hungry and wanted to be fed! 

A homemade mixture, a recipe recommended by a bird rescue facility, was an instant hit with this sweet little bird! (He slept in a cozy box with a warm heating pad under the box. As a baby, he literally just ate and slept, ate and slept.)

By Day #3, Lil Peeps' eyes were open! He loved sleeping in our hands after each feeding. 🙂

By Day #5, Lil Peeps had a lot of feathers growing in!

By Day #7, Lil Peeps' feathers were almost all grown in and very soft!

Lil Peeps never even tried flying until he received his 1st flying lesson on Day #11. 🙂

Lil Peeps loved sleeping in his nest with a teeny blanket!

One of our fave photos of LP ~ healthy, cozy and content!

Beautiful Lil Peeps on Day #18! Watching LP grow from a blind, helpless baby to a strong, beautiful sparrow was miraculous!

Approximately, one-half of wild baby birds do not survive to reach their first birthday. By the time Lil Peeps was old enough to fly on his own, he had bonded so closely with his human caretakers, he refused to leave his flight cage. He is soooo happy inside the house and even shys away squawking from open doors/windows. (A bird expert said that, on rare occasions, it's safer not to release a hand-raised wild bird. In such cases, a bird like Lil Peeps is not properly prepared for daily hazards such as predators and cars.)

LP's fave toy: A cute little bowling game ~ but he likes to squeeze inside and nap in it more than play with it! 🙂

LP absolutely loves his bathtub! Here he is hopping out after a quick bath!

LP is completely drenched after a bath! It takes a lot of grooming and fluffing to revert back to his famous sparrow look!

Majestic Lil Peeps!

BIG SURPRISE! When LP was about 13 weeks old, his full coloring suddenly appeared! We were able to identify him as a Eurasian Tree Sparrow! 

Close-up of darling, handsome Lil Peeps!

Lil Peeps has 3 mirrors in his cage and he spends HOURS daily admiring himself - and playing with the colorful beads on the mirrors!


Lil Peeps was "Pet of the Day" on

Nov. 9, 2013!


Halloween Fun with our Precious Lil Peeps! 


March 20 is World Sparrow Day!

Celebrate World Sparrow Day on March 20!

(This is not our Lil Peeps pictured but one of his cousins!)

"There are at least 35 types of sparrow species in North America. Species of these birds can generally be located in five areas of North America. There are 15 species of sparrows that can be found in most areas of North America, some more abundant and widespread than others."

- Classic Collection of North American Birds 



June 9, 2019: 

Precious Lil Peeps 8th Birthday! 

Hooray!!! ❤ 

June 9, 2018: Lil Peeps' 7th Birthday! Hooray!!! ❤ 

(Read his amazing rescue/survival story below his birthday photos!)

June 9, 2018: ❤ Lil Peeps 7th Birthday!!!! 

YAY!! 🙂

June 9, 2017: Precious Lil Peeps ❤ is celebrating his 6th birthday! YAY!! Quite a big honor for a teeny little angel! 🙂

(Read his amazing rescue/survival story below!)

June 9, 2016: Adorable Lil Peeps' 5th Birthday! 🙂 Big Celebration! ❤ 

(Read his amazing story below!)


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More fun photos from Lil Peeps' 6th Birthday Celebration! (2017)

Big Celebration!

Lil Peeps' Fantasy Halloween

Costume Sculpture!

BOO! 😮

Lil Peeps' personalized frame!

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Fun Facts About Lil Peeps: 


Lil Peeps does the sweetest thing when he finds one of his feathers at the bottom of his flight cage: He picks it up in his beak, flies over to his food dish, and drops it in! (We've seen him do this on several occasions!) Does he know we save all his feathers and tape them on the calendar


Lil Peeps drinks from a hamster water bottle, using his beak to peck at the ball in the nozzle for water.


It takes only a few seconds for LP to imitate any type of whistle we make! He LOVES "The Andy Grffith Show" theme, gets excited when he hears it, and sings with it daily!


LP's favorite female singer is awesome Kate Pierson of The B-52's and sings excitedly when he hears her amazing voice! We wrote to her and told her about LP, and she sent us a beautiful autographed photo signed to us and ❤ "To Lil Peeps"


Hearing LP sing daily is like having an angel in our midst!


LP loves smooth jazz music, esp. jazz guitar!


LP is so smart! He stands in front of his bath chirping loudly when he wants the gate to be opened so he can get in!


LP has an amazing internal clock! He lets us know, in no uncertain terms, that it's his bedtime and he wants his flight cage covered so he can sleep!


LP loves watching all household activity ~ whether it's putting up the Christmas tree to cleaning our other pets' cages to wrapping gifts to cleaning the house! He watches everything! His eyesight is AMAZING! (He can see a gnat fly through the house!)


LP likes to be heard over everything including running water, vacuuming, emptying grocery bags, and even sneezing! He will chirp loudly to be heard over any household noise! 🙂And, if he hears anyone use his name on TV, he has to chirp loudly; like if an actor says, "I haven't heard a peep..," our LP pipes up immediately, "CHIRP!" which means "I heard my name!"


LP is not a fan of red clothing and will not approach humans (or look at them) when they wear red.  (Farmers have said that their chickens get scared when they change their wardrobe and wear different clothes/colors/shoes!)


LP hates change of any kind! He does not want any new toys added to his cage either! Last year, we gave him a cute basketball game bird toy and he boycotted that area of his cage for months! Even when we removed the new toy, it took weeks for him to go back to that area of his cage!


As LP has matured, he has become shy around the camera and doesn't like the camera or flash aimed at him, unfortunately, so photo ops are rare these days. 😥 However, LP's life has continued to be carefree, happy and full of fun daily! 🙂



Fun "Classic TV" Fact:

We love the classic TV series "Mister Peepers" (NBC, 1952-1955) starring award-winning actor, Wally Cox, as Robinson Peepers (a teacher and writer). In Season 3, Mr. Peepers wrote an article that was published in "Bird" magazine called, "A Sparrow Speaks His Mind" ... Naturally, we always think of our Lil Peeps who LOVES to speak his mind daily! 🙂 BTW, Mr. Peepers traveled to NYC to accept the prestigious "Bronze Bird Award" for that history-making article! 🙂

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