Meet Rudy!

*Adopted on Dec. 17, 2021* ~ *1st Holiday Portrait*

Precious senior Rudy was dumped at the Humane Society because he "couldn't get along with the dogs and cats" of his previous heartless family. (Small, defenseless ❤Rudy should have been PROTECTED and kept SAFELY AWAY from dogs/cats!) Senior ❤Rudy was overlooked at the H.S. as the younger cavies/gps were adopted.



We adopted this darling boy on Dec. 17, 2021 and named him Rudy (a.k.a. Rudolph) because Christmas was just around the corner! 

Poor Rudy was terribly neglected and scared at his previous family's home. The long fur on his rear end was horribly matted with poop. He was traumatized and trembled with handling. Heartbreaking!

We have been giving Rudy TONS of love, cuddles, kisses and healthy food in our safe/secure home. Rudy loves veggies, Oxbow's Vit. C tablets/food/Timothy hay and adores apple ~ he eats like he has never had any delicious and nutricious food!

Our wonderful friend, Donna, sent all of our Scamps "Cuddler Beds" for Christmas! The Cuddler beds are soft, cozy and provide the feeling of safety and security that a sweet, traumatized boy like ❤Rudy needs! (Cuddlers are also washable so "accidents" are okay!) Thank you, Donna!

Rudy is becoming less timid every day and eating from our hands more every day. He really enjoys our laid back, loving home atmosphere where we often play soft music, like smooth guitar jazz, that all our cavies love!

Like every small animal, ❤Rudy LOVES sleeping and hiding in his cardboard house!

It's wonderful to watch ❤Rudy move around his cage without fear. It's obvious how content he is now and it is heartwarming

Dec. 17, 2021 (Adoption Day): ❤Rudy's weight is 2 lbs, 6 oz., which is light for a senior male. We hope all the wonderful, nutritious food he will be enjoying every day will help him gain weight and strength.  

Jan. 2, 2022: ❤Rudy has gained approximately 2 oz. since adoption. Although this is a good weight, as a senior male, we would like him to gain a couple more ounces. He LOVES food and eats a lot every day! 

Jan. 17, 2022: ❤Rudy has gained a total of 4 oz. since we adopted him one month ago due to a healthy diet! YAY, Rudy! 

We LOVE our darling Rudy!



Stay Tuned for MORE Photos of our Precious Rudy Coming Soon! 




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