March is "Adopt a Rescued GP Month" ... We just adopted this adorable adult male from the Humane Society ... Meet  Schubert


Schubert in the carrier on the way home from the Humane Society! 

1st weigh-in: Don't worry, with some nutritious food, he will gain weight!

Schubert loves his new home, cage, food, toys! 

Our Precious Schubert was "Pet of the Day" on July 2, 2018! :)

Schubert loves hay!

Schubert is getting used to be photographed!

2nd Weigh-In:

3 days later ... Schubert gained 1 oz.! 

Begging for veggies!

We are supplementing Schubert's diet with Oxbow's Critical Care (great nutrition). All of our Scamps love the anise flavor!

3rd weigh-in: 7 days later ... Schubert gained another 1.5 oz! He is almost 2 lbs.!  

Lap time is bonding time! 

A very common Schubert pose ... He LOVES begging for veggies! 

4th weigh-in: 6 days later ... Schubert is over 2 lbs. now, thanks to great nutrition! Yay! 

Schubert's 1st Easter portrait!

More Photos Coming Soon! 

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