More Outdoor Critters!

Beautiful Hummingbird 2015!

Winter is a great season for critter photo ops!

This adorable squirrel looks very happy in the snow!

Catching snowflakes on his tongue?

Bluejays enjoying a lunch of seeds on a snow-covered bath!

Christmasy-red cardinals!

Hope that fur coat is keeping this little cutie warm!

Hummingbirds are absolutely amazing!

Hummingbirds' wings move faster than the eye can see!

Photo #1: Darling Daddy (Eurasian Tree Sparrow) checks the area for safety.

Photo #2: Now, this conscientious Dad can feed his sweet son.

Photo #3: In-between feedings from Dad, this sweet little sparrow fledgling takes a quick nap.

Very patient robin fledgling, waiting for his parents to return and feed him.

Hungry grackel enjoying some bread!


Woody Woodpecker!

Precious little Chip? or Dale?

Smiling squirrel enjoys a treat!

Beautiful grackel!

St. Francis used to feed the birds every day . . .

Unfortunately, over-zealous, hungry squirrels eventually broke the hollow St. Francis statue by tipping it over too many times.

(Squirrels accidently broke this large, thin, very shallow cement bird bath top by jumping on/off it so often so we now buy sturdier/heavier cement baths closer to the ground.)

Wildlife has a difficult time finding clean water in the hot, dry summer ~ so this is one happy squirrel!

First, a bath . . .

Then, a relaxing afternoon rest for this cute rabbit!


More Outdoor Critter Photos To Come!

Stay tuned!



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