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Welcome to our relocated  Guinea Pig site!  Previously, we were a WebTV site, 1999-2013.  (Unfortunately, Microsoft permanently closed down all service for WebTV/MSNTV on Oct. 1, 2013.)


Guinea Pigs R Fun celebrates the fun of cavy ownership and encourages adopting GPs in need!  We are not breeders - almost all the GPs on this non-profit  site were adopted from the Humane Society. 


Guinea Pigs R Us!


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NEW 2019 Valentine Portraits!

Precious "senior" Rupert the Great was in danger of not being adopted (because of his age and 6 weeks at the shelter). He is FUN & ADORABLE! Older shelter pets need homes, too! Rupert was "Pet of the Dayon October 2, 2017! Click HERE to see more photos of our darling Heart Rupert the Great! Cool

This is The Amazing Schubert's 1st Valentine's Day with us! Heart We adopted adult Schubert from the Humane Society in March 2018. (BTW, March is "Adopt a Guinea Pig Month"!) Schubert was too thin when we adopted him but now he is a healthy, hearty, happy boy! To see more photos of The Amazing Schubert, click HERE.

Schubert was "Pet of the Day" on July 2, 2018! Cool

We adopted precious adult Sherman on Nov. 25, 2018 from the Humane Society so this is Shermy's 1st Valentine's Day with us! He has been enjoying excellent nutrition and Vit. C and has gained 7 oz. since we adopted him! Sherman the Champ is a great addition to our family! To see more photos of our adorable, newest adoptee, click HERE

Our precious Sherman was "Pet of the Day" on Valentine's Day 2019! Cool YAY, Shermy! He has come a long way since being unwanted and dumped at the Humane Society last autumn! We Heart our Shermy!! Cool


Click HERE to read Sherman the Champ's "Pet of the Day" Tribute/Honor!

Lil Peeps is our absolutely precious, little, 7 1/2-year-old Eurasian Tree Sparrow! Click HERE to read his amazing rescue/survival story! Heart

Lil Peeps was "Pet of the Day" on Nov. 9, 2013! Cool


We adopted precious adult male Shermy (a.k.a. Sherman) on Nov. 25, 2018 from the Humane Society! He was passed over there for weeks while younger GPs were adopted. He was adopted once and returned 2 weeks later (heartbreaking). It's obvious he was waiting for us!

Shermy is adorable, sweet ... and perfect! Cool 

Click here to see more photos of our Heaven-sent boy! Heart 





2018 Christmas Portraits!

Rupert the Great: Adopted on Dec. 28, 2015 from the Humane Society!

Precious "senior" Rupert was in danger of not being adopted (because of his age and 6 weeks at the shelter). He is FUN & ADORABLE! Older shelter pets need homes, too! Rupert was "Pet of the Day" on October 2, 2017! Click HERE to see more photos of Rupert the Great!

The Amazing Schubert: Adopted from the Humane Society in March, 2018!

This is The Amazing Schubert's 1st Christmas with us! We adopted adult Schubert from the Humane Society in March 2018. (BTW, March is "Adopt a Guinea Pig Month"!) Schubert was too thin when we adopted him but now he is a healthy, hearty, happy boy! To see more photos of adorable Schubert, click HERE. Schubert was "Pet of the Day" on July 2, 2018!

Meet Sherman (Shermy): Just Adopted from the Humane Society on Nov. 25, 2018!

We adopted adult Sherman on Nov. 25, 2018 from the Humane Society so this is Shermy's 1st Christmas with us! Shermy loves his new home and posed happily for his Christmas portrait! Shermy is precious and a great addition to our family! To see more photos of our adorable, newest adoptee, click HERE.  

Meet Our Lil Peeps ~ Rescued in 2011!

Lil Peeps is our absolutely precious 7 1/2-year-old Eurasian Tree Sparrow! Click HERE to read his amazing rescue/survival story! LP was "Pet of the Day" on Nov. 9, 2013!

HeartHAPPY THANKSGIVING Cool from our Precious Boys, Rupert the Great and The Amazing Schubert (both adopted from the Humane Society).Heart 

HeartHAPPY THANKSGIVING from our Precious Lil Peeps (rescued Eurasian Tree Sparrow)Cool 

Rupert the Great is an old pro posing for fun holiday photos! Oh-oh, something creepy is peeking out of his collection of spooky books! Cool


The Amazing Schubert was more interested in tasting everything around him than posing for his Halloween portrait! Cool

Our Sweet Rescued Lil Peeps says, "Happy Halloween! Please feed my outdoor bird cousins daily!" Cool

Our Rupert the Great LOVES 1950s

Rock 'n Roll! Cool

Our Amazing Schubert is not a music snob ... Besides classical music, he LOVES

Rock 'n Roll! Cool

Schubert started a new dance craze ...

"The Schuby Shake!"

Everyone's doing it! It's fun! Big Grin 

Happy Easter 2018!

Heart Sweet Rupert the Great! We adopted Rupert from the Humane Society in 2015!

March is "Adopt a Rescued GP Month" ~ we adopted adorable, tri-colored, male adult

HeartSchubert! Welcome to our family! Cool

Our Heaven-sent rescue, Lil PeepsHeart

Precious Pixi, Trixi, DixiHeartHeartHeart

2018 Valentine Portraits!

Mr. Belvedere, King of Hearts! 

Sweet Rupert the Great!

Our Precious Lil Peeps

Adorable Siblings ~ Dixi, Trixi & Pixi! 

Mr. Belvedere: Adopted from the Humane Society on Dec. 12, 2015!

On Dec. 12, 2015, we adopted this "senior" cutie from the Humane Society and named him Mr. Belvedere! Older shelter pets need loving forever homes as much as young pets! Belvedere was "Pet of the Day" on April 26, 2016! Click here for more photos of precious Mr. Belvedere!

Good Ol' Freemont ~ Adopted in 2012!

Merry Christmas from Sweet Freemont! (Meet Freemont and read his story below!) Freemont was "Pet of the Day" on Valentine's Day 2016! 

Adopted from the Humane Society on Dec. 9, 2016:

Merry Christmas from teeny sisters Dixi, Pixi & Trixi! They are so fun and sweet! Click HERE for more cute photos of this trio of adorable mice siblings! Cool 

Meet Norton ~ Adopted in 2014!

This wonderful, fun, loving, handsome (and hearty) adult male (whom we named Norton) was adopted from the Humane Society on Nov. 24, 2014 and named "Pet of the Day" on Nov. 27, 2015! Click on Meet Norton!

Meet Marty Mouse, Rescued in 2013!

On Jan. 5, 2013, we rescued this precious little house mouse from an evil, inhumane glue trap at a local store. We named this adorable little boy MARTY MOUSE. He recovered from his injuries and was given a clean bill of health by our vet! To see more fun photos of teeny Marty, click HERE


Check out more adorable, fun HOLIDAY Scamp Portraits taken through the years! Cool


Meet Freemont Jonesy!

Freemont Jonesy ("FJ")

(FJ's previous owner named him "Barney" but, since we had a sweet Barney of our own years ago, we gave him a nickname!)



Freemont was "Pet of the Day" on

Heart Feb. 14, 2016Cool YAY!


FJ loved parsley!

What a handsome profile!

(fave foods: green pepper & parsley)


Freemont loved to look out the window in the summertime and watch the hummingbirds and cars whiz by!

FJ's First Weigh-In!

(Behind the scenes: After this photo was taken, newcomer FJ jumped out of the scale, off the table & ran under the sofa! He was lured out with green pepper, safe & sound! Whew!)

CHECK OUT our HOLIDAY PHOTO PAGE for Freemont's fun holiday portraits! 

Meet Jeepers!

Jeepers was our oldest GP - ever!

Jeepers' 8th Birthday! (April 15, 2014)

Party Time! Big Celebration!

Jeepers' 8th Birthday Party!

Jeepers received messages and cards from friends! He had a 2nd birthday party 2 days later at his wonderful veterinarian's office (when he had his monthly incisor trimming)! 

Yay, Jeepers!! Cool

Jeepers' 7th Birthday!

Jeepers & look-a-like pal!

Jeepers loved shredded carrots!

A fave treat! Jeepers happily enjoyed fresh spinach!

Jeepers loved playing with bathroom paper rolls - and making himself into a "mummy"; here, he is showing off his newly-trimmed incisors (he had almost monthly teeth trimming for well over 3 years).

Jeepers kisses a plush sparrow!

Meet Brothers Alvin & Simon!

Precious Brothers Alvin and Simon

(This photo was taken in 2011 . . . . Just 2 days after we adopted them from the Humane Society, where they were abandoned on Christmas Eve!)


HeartSimon & HeartAlvin were the "Pets of the Day" on Christmas Eve 2013Cool


Carrot-stained Alvin (fave food: celery leaves!)

Simon, our baby panda (fave food: everything!) 

Shy Alvin

(When Alvin was younger, he would hide in his house from the camera; here, he is peeking to see if the coast is clear!)

 Lap time was sleepy time for Simon!

Alvin loved shaking this bell at us (to get our attention) when he wanted celery leaves!

Simon's daily "chore": Moving his toys from his "toy corner" into his pellet bowl! Sometimes, there were even more toys ingeniously stacked up/balanced than in this photo! (He also moved his house as close as he could to his bowl/water!)

Christmas Morning 2013: After a treat and a back rub, Alvin looks relaxed, cozy and blissfully happy! Cool

Simon wanted to look more like his famous singing chipmunk namesake!

 NEXT PAGE: Meet Norton! (another Sweet Scamp we adopted from the Humane Society)

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