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Welcome to our relocated  Guinea Pig site!  Previously, we were a WebTV site, 1999-2013.  (Unfortunately, Microsoft permanently closed down all service for WebTV/MSNTV on Oct. 1, 2013.)


Guinea Pigs R Fun celebrates the fun of cavy ownership and encourages adopting GPs in need!  We are not breeders - almost all the GPs on this non-profit  site were adopted from the Humane Society. 


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We Proudly Present ~ Our Newest Family Member!

JUST ADOPTED from the Humane Society on Nov. 24, 2014! See new pix and Meet Norton!

NEW!  Valentine Pet Portraits 2015!


Check out our classic Holiday GPs photo page!!


Jeepers is our oldest GP - ever!

Jeepers' 8th Birthday! (April 15, 2014)

Party Time! Big Celebration!

Jeepers' 8th Birthday Party!

Jeepers received messages and cards from friends! He had a 2nd birthday party 2 days later at his wonderful veterinarian's office (when he had his monthly incisor trimming)! 

Yay, Jeepers!! Cool

Jeepers' 7th Birthday!

Jeepers' 2014 Valentine Portrait!

Jeepers & look-a-like pal!

Jeepers loves shredded carrots!

A fave treat! Jeepers happily enjoying fresh spinach!

Jeepers loves playing with bathroom paper rolls - and making himself into a "mummy"; here, he is showing off his newly-trimmed incisors (he has been having almost monthly teeth trimming for well over 2 years).

Jeepers kisses a plush sparrow!

Jeepers was "Pet of the Day" on

October 26, 2013!

Brothers Alvin and Simon, 4 1/2 years old

(This photo was taken in 2011 . . . . Just 2 days after we adopted them from the Humane Society, where they were abandoned on Christmas Eve!)


Simon & Alvin were the "Pets of the Day" on Christmas Eve 2013!


Alvin's 2014 Valentine Portrait!

Simon's 2014 Valentine Portrait!

Alvin & Alvin!

Simon & Simon!

Carrot-stained Alvin (fave food: celery leaves!)

Simon, our baby panda (fave food: everything!) 

Shy Alvin

(When Alvin was younger, he would hide in his house from the camera; here, he is peeking to see if the coast is clear!)

 Lap time is sleepy time for Simon!

Alvin loves shaking this bell at us (to get our attention) when he wants celery leaves!

Simon's daily "chore": Moving his toys from his "toy corner" into his pellet bowl! Sometimes, there are even more toys ingeniously stacked up/balanced than in this photo! (He also moves his house as close as he can to his bowl/water!)

Christmas Morning 2013: After a treat and a back rub, Alvin looks relaxed, cozy and blissfully happy! Cool

Simon wants to look more like his famous singing chipmunk namesake!

"FJ", 2 1/2 years old

(FJ's previous owner named him "Barney" but, since we had a sweet Barney of our own years ago, we gave him a nickname!)

FJ's 2014 Valentine Portrait!

What a handsome profile!

(fave foods: green pepper & parsley)


FJ's First Weigh-In!

(Behind the scenes: After this photo was taken, newcomer FJ jumped out of the scale, off the table & ran under the sofa! He was lured out with green pepper, safe & sound! Whew!)


More Fotos of our Current GP Family to come - site is currently under construction!

(Hard hats not required! )


 NEXT PAGE: Meet Norton! (just adopted from the Humane Society)



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